Haldor Topsoe A/S

Haldor Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science, committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance. We enable companies to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way. We are headquartered in Denmark and do project development, R&D, engineering, production and sales & service across the globe.

Our carbon monoxide generator – eCOs™ allows safe, efficient and reliable on-demand CO production at your own site where the gas is needed with purities as high as 99.999 vol%. The eCOs™ technology provides increased efficiency and reliable supply by offering specialty chemicals producers, pharmaceutical companies, gas distributors and phosgene manufacturers a solution that drives their industry to continued growth. https://info.topsoe.com/ecos

With eMethanol™ – electrified methanol – methanol can be produced from feedstocks obtained by utilization of waste streams, electrolysis hydrogen and CO2 capture. By combining the world’s best methanol catalyst with a reliable and flexible process design tailored to the individual client project, Topsoe can provide the simplest and most efficient solutions. https://info.topsoe.com/emethanol

More information: http://www.topsoe.com