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Phytonix Corporation (USA)

Sustainable Chemistry Powered by the Sun™

Phytonix Corporation is a renewable-chemical technology company headquartered in North Carolina, with development laboratories in Sweden, Belgium, Virginia, and Canada, and a business office in Vancouver, Canada. The Company is commercializing a patented process using photosynthesis that directly converts carbon dioxide emissions from industrial and manufacturing plants into renewable, high-value chemicals.

The Company’s initial product will be n-butanol (also referred to as “normal butanol” or “butanol”) which currently sells at a wholesale price of approximately $5.75/gallon in the industrial chemical market.

Phytonix management estimates that its patented process, which has been proven at bench scale, will enable it to produce butanol for about $1.95/gallon – less than 50% of the cost of the current method of producing butanol from propylene, a petroleum derivative.  This would make Phytonix the world’s low-cost producer of butanol.  The world industrial chemical market for butanol is about $10 billion per year, of which about $2 billion per year is sold in the United States.

The Company’s carbon-negative butanol production process replaces an existing fossil-based, carbon-intensive process currently employed by some of the world’s largest chemical companies. For every 137 gallons of n-butanol produced, the Phytonix process eliminates one tonne of CO2.

Phytonix solar chemical production plants will be located on site at industrial facilities emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide.  These include manufacturing plants, chemical plants, natural gas compression stations, coal-fired thermal power plants, steel mills, aluminum refineries, cement plants, petroleum refineries and even breweries.  In 2017 the Company secured strategic partnerships with two major industrial partners. Both partnerships are multi-stage programs to be funded by these strategic partners for scale-up to pilot production and then to full commercial deployment and production. Phytonix installations are to be co-located with our partner’s industrial facilities utilizing their waste CO2 emissions as feedstock. Our partners intend to host and fund these full, multi-stage projects with non-dilutive capital.

The firm’s development partners at Uppsala University’s Angstrom Laboratory (Sweden) have engineered multiple species of cyanobacteria that directly secrete butanol via a modified photosynthetic process, utilizing carbon dioxide as the feedstock, and producing oxygen as a by-product. They have also engineered a species of cyanobacteria that directly secretes solar iso-butanol and solar iso-pentanol. A technology partner in Belgium is developing photobioreactors to cultivate the cyanobacteria.  The Company’s core technology and process is patented in the United States, the EU (15 key European countries), Eurasia, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa, and patent-pending globally.


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Founder, President & CEO
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Gordon Skene
Executive Vice-President & CFO
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