RIN Stoffströme

RIN Stoffströme

Model Region for Innovative and Sustainable Material Flow

The regional innovation network „Model Region for Innovative and Sustainable Material Flow” (RIN Stoffströme) was established to improve the utilisation of side and waste streams in industry, agriculture or forestry in the Rhineland (the region around the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf).
In order to achieve a better utilisation of these feedstocks, a cascading approach is promoted, that involves all relevant stakeholders from society, science and industry in a transdisciplinary dialogue. This approach describes a strategy for using raw materials or the products made from them in sequential steps as long, often and efficiently as possible for materials, chemicals and fuels. An energetic usage should always be at the end of the product-life cycle. The implementation of cascading use also involves the formation of new unusual value chains across different industries. Technologies utilizing off-gases from steel production or side streams from food production will bring those industries into a circular economy with the chemical industry. A further objective is to ensure that the new technologies involved, as well as the new materials created from conversion of what is currently considered waste, will be accepted by the consumers and the public.
By this approach the RIN addresses the grand societal challenges resource scarcity and climate change. A multitude of potential partners has already been approached, and the network is also open to additional partners.

RIN Stoffströme


CLIB2021 e.V.
Dennis Herzberg
Project Leader
E-mail: Herzberg@clib2021.de

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft e.V.
Gabi Schock
E-mail: gabi@schock.org

Lars Schulze-Beusingsen
E-mail: schulze-beusingsen@energieagentur.nrw

More information: http://www.stoffstroeme.de