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You would like to increase your awareness and you would like to support the conference? You are very welcome as a media partner of the conference! Publishers are very welcome to become a media partner of the conference!

Media-Partnership - what does it mean?

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Media partners


Bio-based News - The Portal for Bio-based Economy, Bio-based Chemicals and Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Carbon Capture and Utilization



Bio Based Press - An independent site that takes a helicopter view on the biobased economy. Including policy, side effects e.g.on agriculture and food supply, environmental effects, innovation and social aspects.



Bioplastics Magazine -  is more than ever the global number one trade magazine dedicated exclusively to bioplastics, i.e. plastics from renewable resources and/or biodegradable plastics. And over the last years bioplastics magazine (including the web-based daily news) has indeed become the unique information platform for bioplastics worldwide.



Chemical Portal South Africa - Chemical Portal comprises of a Company directory for the chemical industry, industry news from the portals, events & expos, and services to the chemical industry.



Chemical Weekly - Chemical Weekly is India’s number one news magazine for the chemical and allied industries. Every week it reports on techno-commercial developments in the Indian and international chemical industry.


EAI is India’s leading renewable energy consulting and research firm. We focus on providing exceptional support in market and feasibility studies for solar, wind, bio-energy and other select cleantech sectors.
EAI Daily is India's largest and most popular renewable energy newsletter, delivered to over 40,000 industry professionals' mailbox.


European  Biotechnology - reports in English on political, economic, and technical developments at theintersection of biotech, pharma, medtech, and chemistry inthe 28 countries of the European union, plus Switzerland and Norway. With a circulation of more than 11,000 copies, the journal provides a suitable platform for pan-European marketing campaigns that take advantage of the huge, common, economic area.



F & L Asia - For over 20 years, F&L Asia has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, SK Lubricants, S-Oil, Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite, Afton Chemical, BASF, Evonik Industries, Tianhe Chemicals and many more.



The Life Sciences-Series - Launched in 2014 four issues of the Life Sciences-Series – an initiative of GoingPublic Magazine and VentureCapital Magazine – appear annually. Based on the three pillars – technology, financing, investment – the issues combine current topics of life sciences with knowledge and networking from corporate financing and capital market.



The Green Chemicals Blog is known worldwide as the authoritative source of news and analysis in the business of green chemistry and chemical sustainability. Since its formation in 2007, the green blog has an average 15,000-20,000 page views per month and more than 5,000 dedicated followers. For further information, contact Doris de Guzman, author of Green Chemicals Blog at



With access to a wide range of inside information and knowledge, we have grown into a thriving business with an extensive client portfolio. At InDepth NRG, our parent publishing house, NRG Journals Ltd™, features a number of industry-specific titles. Having established our business in 2011, our renewable energy magazine has been operating in a professional manner to help you and your company.



Industrial Biotechnology is the authoritative, peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal focused on biobased industrial and environmental products and processes. The journal is the first and longest-running publication to report the science, business, and policy developments of the emerging global bioeconomy, including biobased production of energy and fuels, chemicals, materials, and consumer goods.



INICOP - Institute for International Co-operation e.V. is a Data Base for Conferences, Research Funding Opportunities, Competitions/ Awards




K-Zeitung - K-Zeitung is the distinguished and latest print medium of the industry which offers information on and for the entire value chain of the plastics and rubber industry. By the structured cross media distribution of topics via several media channels as online, mobile and more add-on products the K-Zeitung offers the industry a nearly unrivaled information density. 



plasticker - is the online forum, news-portal and market place for the plastics industry in Europe and beyond. plasticker provides technical as well as business information, latest news on companies and markets, knowledge about new products and industry data such as the current market prices for plastic resins.




Plastics Portal South Africa – Plastixportal - launched in 2004, is a business to business portal to promote the plastics industry in South Africa online, via a company directory, plastics news and more.



Renewable Matter - International Magazine focused on the changing relationship between Economy, Society and the Environement. It focuses on the wind of change brought about by the Bioeconomy, Circular Economy, Green and Blue Economy, Sharing Economy.




Sustainability Consult - Sustainability Consult is the leading bioeconomy communications agency, working across the biomaterials sector, with innovative start-ups, multinationals, certification bodies, investors and trade associations. We believe that shifting from fossil-based to bio-based is one important way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and decarbonise the economy. This transition has to be handled carefully. Credible communications and stakeholder engagement are key.




Technology Review - is the magazine between the poles of science and economy. Being the monthly published German issue of the popular „MIT’s Magazine of Innovation“, it covers the latest technological trends which have got what it takes to change our society and our lives. It identifies market chances and the benefits of innovations above all from information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology, energy, traffic, aeronautics, medical technology and material science.