Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

The programme of the conference will have a session structure as follows:

1st day, 15 March 2018

  • Political Framework
  • Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy and Hydrogen production
  • Artificial Photosynthesis

2nd day, 16 March 2018

  • CO2 for Proteins
  • CO2 for Chemicals and Polymers
  • CO2 for Fuels
  • CO2 for Aviation


Call for papers

Interested companies and institutions are invited to respond to the call for papers (deadline: 31 October 2017).
If you want to contribute with your presentation on carbon dioxide as a feedstock for chemistry and polymers please don't hesitate to contact Achim Raschka:
+49 (0)22 33 - 48 14-51