A tentative programme of the conference will be published soon.

The preparation of the programme for the conference is in it's starting phase and we now are collecting abstracts and ideas for potential speakers from all over the world. If you want to be part of this event please send us a mail: achim.raschka@nova-institut.de

1st Day – 6 December 2016

  • Political Framework & Visions
  • Policy & Visions
  • H2 Generation: Prerequisite for CO2-Economy
  • Artificial Photosynthesis

2nd Day – 7 December 2016

  • Chemicals & Energy from CO2
  • CO2 Capture & Purification
  • Chemicals & Polymers
  • CO2-based Fuels


First spokesmen confirmed:

  • VITO (Dr. Deepak Pant, Dr. Linsey Garcia-Gonzales, BE): Valorization of CO2-rich off-gases to monomers and biopolymers through biotechnological process / Technological advances in CO2 conversion electro-biorefinery: A step toward commercialization
  • Phytonix (Bruce Dannenberg, US): Utilizing Synthetic Biology to Address Global Challenges: Climate Change and Sustainable Chemistry
  • LanzaTech (N.N., NZ): Innovations for a Carbon Smart Future
  • Syngip (Bernhard Guentner, BE): The Zero Emission steel plant of the future
  • nova-Institut GmbH (Michael Carus, DE), bse engineering (Dr. Christian Schweitzer, DE): Policy framework for speeding up power-to-fuel
  • Covestro (Dr. Nicklas Meine, Dr. Christoph Guertler, DE): ENCO2RE - a flagship initiative for CO2 utilization / Dream Polymers - New building blocks and polymers from CO2
  • Electrochaea GmbH (Dr. Doris Hafenbradl,  DE): Power-To-Gas – from the laboratory to industrial scale