Preliminary Programme:
Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

1st day (6 December 2016) - Political Framework & Visions


Registration and Welcome Coffee

Michael Carus
nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Conference Opening

Dr.-Ing. Walther Pelzer
Ministry of Innovation,
Science and Research of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MIWF)

Opening Words

Dr. Frank Köster
EnergieAgentur.NRW (DE)

Bioeconomy and the Future of Mobility – Findings from a Regional Perspective

Policy & Visions

Chairwoman: Kathryn Sheridan, Sustainability Consult (BE)

Dr. Issam Dairanieh
CO2 Sciences, Inc. (USA)

Global CO2 Initiative

Ted Grozier
Climate KIC (EU)

Dr. Niklas Meine
Covestro (DE)
EnCO2re - a Flagship Initiative for CO2 Utilization

Soren Bowadt
European Commission

An Update on Commission Activities towards CCU

Dr. Reinhard Büscher
DG Grow / EU Commission (EU)

Dr. Helmut Löwe
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (DE)

From Waste to Resource - New Developments in German CCU Research and Innovation

  Andrew Hagan
World Council on Industrial Biotechnology (CH)

Prof. Dr. Peter Styring
University of Sheffield (UK)

CO2 - a Valuable Building Block for the Chemical Industry

Dr. Grant Wilson
University of Sheffield / SCOT (UK)

A Vision for Smart CO2 Transformation in Europe

Michael Carus
nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Christian Schweitzer
bse engineering (DE)

Policy Framework for Speeding up Power-to-Fuel


Panel Discussion



Artificial Photosynthesis & H2 Generation

Prof. Stenbjörn Styring
Uppsala University (SE)
Prof. Leif Hammarström
Uppsala University (SE)
  Dr. Martin Demler
Evonik Industries (DE)
Artificial Photosynthesis Development at Evonik

Dinner Buffet

2nd day (7 December 2016) - Chemicals & Energy from CO2


CO2-based Chemicals & Polymers

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Haralabos Zorbas, Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB) (DE)

Dr. Christin Liptow
nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Carbon Dioxide Utilization Processes

Dr. Lisa Dyson
Kiverdi, Inc. (US)

Converting Carbon Dioxide into Oleochemicals - Abstract here

Dr. Deepak Pant
VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research (BE)

Dr. Linsey Garcia-Gonzalez 
VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research (BE)

Technological Advances in CO2 Bioconversion (Electro-)Biorefinery

Valorization of CO2-rich Off-Gases to Monomers and Biopolymers Through Biotechnological Process - Abstract here

Dr. Christoph Gürtler
Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience AG) (DE)

New Activities of Covestro in CO2 Utilization - Abstract here

Bruce Dannenberg
Phytonix (US)

Utilizing Synthetic Biology to Address Global Challenges: Climate Change and Sustainable Chemistry - Abstract here


Ross Gordon
Photanol (NL)

Producing high purity Lactic Acid from CO2, powered by the Sun


CO2-based Fuels

Chairman: Lars Schulze-Beusingsen, EnergieAgentur.NRW (DE)

Eelco Dekker
Methanol Institute (NL)
Renewable Methanol as a Key Molecule for CCU Fuels

Dr. Moritz Wendt
InfraServ GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG (DE)

Dr. Elias Frei
Fritz-Haber Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (DE)

Dynamic Methanol Synthesis by CO2 Utilization under Various Site Conditions

Jaap Vente
Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) (NL)

Thermodynamic limitations and how to overcome them in Carbon Utilization - Pilot Activities on the Production of Methanol based on Residual Gases in the Steel Industry - Abstract here

Torsten Buddenberg
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH (DE)

Power to Fuel as a Sustainable Business Model for Cross-sectorial Energy Storage in Industry and Power Plants - Abstract here


Chairman: Dr. Thomas Schwarz, CLIB2021 (DE)

Dr. Sean Simpson
LanzaTech (NZ, US)

Innovations for a Carbon Smart Future
Abstract here

  Bernhard Guentner
Syngip (NL)

The Zero Emission Steel Plant of the Future - Abstract here

Christian von Olshausen
sunfire GmbH (DE)
Power-to-Liquids: sunfire’s Activities in Synthetic Hydrocarbons from CO2, H2O and Electricity

Dr. Doris Hafenbradl
Electrochaea GmbH (DE)

Power-To-Gas – from the Laboratory to Industrial Scale

Valentin Batteiger
Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. (DE)

SUN-to-LIQUID - Integrated Solarthermochemical Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels


Networking Reception