Programme of the Conference


1st day (20 March 2019)

Registration and Welcome Coffee

Conference Opening

10:00 Michael Carus
nova-Institut (DE)
Conference Opening

Innovation and Strategy

Chairperson: N.N.
10:10   Damien Dallemagne
CO2 Value Europe (EU)
Achievements and Perspectives for CO2 Utilisation in Europe
10:40 N.N.
European Commission (EU)
11:00   Helmut Löwe
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (DE)
Carbon Dioxide as a Sustainable Carbon Source – Activities of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
11:20   Michael Carus
nova-Institut  (DE)
Renewable Carbon is Key to a Sustainable and Future-Oriented Chemical Industry
11:50 Discussion
12:00 Lunch Break

Sustainability and Policy

Chairperson:  N.N.
Nils Rettenmaier
ifeu-Institut (DE)
Scientifically Sound Life Cycle Assessments for CCU Technologies: Towards a Realistic Picture of the Environmental Impacts
13:50   Volker Sick
University of Michigan / Global CO2 Initiative (US)
The Global CO2 Initiative at the University of Michigan
14:10   Lara Dammer
nova-Institut (DE)
The New EU Policy Landscape for CCU: REDII and ETS
14:30 Discussion
14:40 Coffee Break

Hydrogen Production and Carbon Capture

Denis Thomas
Hydrogenics (BE)
Large Scale PEM Water Electrolysis, Ready for CCU Projects
15:40   Amelie Carron
Air Liquide (FR)
Blue Hydrogen - Production of Low Carbon Hydrogen
16:00 Christian Schweitzer
bse Engineering Leipzig (DE)
Oscar Graff
Aker Solutions  (NO)
16:20 Discussion

Innovation Award Sponsor

16:30   Markus Steilemann
Covestro (DE)
A Dream Comes True - Driving Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy with CO2-Based Plastics

Innovation Award

16:50 Chairman: N.N.
18:00 Cold Beer on Tap in the Exhibition Space
20:00 Dinner Buffett


2nd day (21 March 2019)

CO2 for Chemicals & Materials

Chairperson: N.N.
09:00 Dennis Krämer
DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V. (DE)
CarbonNext – Evaluation of CCU Along the Value Chain
09:20 Sophia Hamblin Wang
Mineral Carbonation International (AU)
Transforming CO2 Emissions into Valuable Products for Use in Industry and Building Products
09:40 Paul E. King
Enviro Ambient (US)
Matching Carbon Conversion Technologies to Carbon Capture Technologies to Catalyze the Carbon Economy
10:00 Jörg Mampel
B.R.A.I.N. (DE)
Bite-sizing the Challenge: A Modular Approach for the Biotechnological Valorization of CO2
10:20 Discussion
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Achim Raschka
nova-Institut (DE)
Polymers Based on CO2 - An Overview on Possible Technologies
11:20 Christoph Gürtler
Covestro (DE)
New Developments in the Field of CO2 Based Materials
 11:40 Richard French
Econic Technologies (UK)
Harnessing the Endless Potential of CO2
12:00 Willemijn Witteveen
Avantium (NL)
Reducing COProducing Chemicals: The Potential of Electrochemistry

Special Parallel Session: Workshop on Carbon Capture Technologies

Chairwoman: Pia Skoczinski, nova-Institut (DE)
Torsten Buddenberg / Marc D. Jedamzik, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe (DE, JP)
Paul E. King, Enviro Ambient (US)
Gaurav Rajen, Green Fire Technologies (US)
  Dirk Nuber, Climeworks (CH)
12:30 Lunch Break

CO2 for Fuels

Chairperson: N.N.
14:00 Frank Köster
EnergieAgentur.NRW (DE)
Synthetic Fuels for Transport - Perspectives and Projects from North Rhine-Westphalia
14:20 Peter Lindblad
Uppsala University (SE)
CO2-Fixation and Engineering for Increased CO2-Fixation in Photoautotrophic Organisms
14:40 Bruce Dannenberg
Phytonix Corporation (US)
Utilizing Synthetic Biology to Address Global Challenges: Climate Change and Sustainable Chemistry
15:00 Rudolf Dörpinghaus
Greener Skies Ahead: PtL Fuels as a Kerosene Alternative for Sustainable Aviation
15:20 Benedikt Stefánsson
Carbon Recycling International (IS)
Renewable Methanol from CO2 and Electricity: Commercial Scale Solution Ready to Meet Future Challenges
15:40 Discussion
Networking Reception