NANOGAP’s disruptive catalysts enable new and improved processes, promote cleaner energy, and offer a pathway to decarbonizing entire industries. Our innovative Metal-Molecule catalysts are poised to transform chemical and energy industries through new processes for producing 100% clean hydrogen, and efficiency improvements to existing processes including CO2 valorisation to methane and methanol.

Our technology is based on sub-nanometer Metal-Molecules of less than 20 atoms with unique size dependent properties. NANOGAP Metal-Molecules are exceptionally stable through quantum confinement of electrons and a large band gap structure. And catalytic properties are enhanced as different reactants can be absorbed and activated on one Metal-Molecule, in close proximity, facilitating reaction. Properties are tunable through different Metal-Molecule – support interactions.

NANOGAP has taken sub-nanometer Metal-Molecule science from an academic lab-scale pursuit to industrial scale with its patent protected technology, based on standard industrially applicable methods and processes.

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