Cluster EnergyRegion.NRW amalgates North Rhine-Westphalia´s energy industry expertise

North Rhine Westphalia has intensified its cluster activities in the energy economy domain. To create synergies, the marketing activities of the existing eight networks were being combined under the common brand name of EnergyRegion.NRW. The starting signal was given in Düsseldorf in August 2009 for the new energy industry cluster of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

With its unique blend of global players, medium-sized enterprises and small think tanks, not to mention the excellent research institutions, North Rhine-Westphalia provides an ideal location to cultivate forward-looking developments in the energy economy. EnergyRegion.NRW stands for innovative power, tradition, neutrality and an openness to technology. With this strong brand the outstanding achievements of the state in the energy field are given a higher profile both internally and externally. The aim is to enhance even further North Rhine-Westphalia's image Europe-wide as a forward-looking region.

The cluster manager of EnergyRegion.NRW is Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann, Director of EnergyAgency.NRW. With cross-network cluster management it is intended in future to tailor the cluster's products and services more closely to the needs of the individual actors in the energy field. And consultancy is also to the fore: "We wish to play the role of initiator even more vigorously and to launch innovative projects, which we will accompany up to market maturity", says Dr. Baumann.

According to a current study by the management consultants McKinsey, the energy economy has enormous future potential worldwide, with growth rates sometimes reaching double figures. As an important lead market this sector offers great potential which North Rhine-Westphalia wishes to exploit. The job of the state government in this area is to create reasonable framework conditions in order to facilitate a close collaboration between all the actors involved along the energy economy value chain, also extending into other sectors.
After all, in global, fast and mobile markets the classic coexistence of industry, science and public bodies is no longer sufficient. The new cluster structure and a strong cluster management will help to improve communication between the partners of EnergyRegion.NRW.
"We know the state's energy companies and institutions very well. And so we can pass on enquiries directly and promptly to the right recipient", is how cluster manager Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann explains the benefit EnergyRegion.NRW provides to its partners. These appreciate the cluster in particular as a set of neutral information and communication platforms in the energy field.    

About EnergyRegion.NRW

The energy economy is one of North Rhine-Westphalia's most powerful sectors. The EnergyAgency.NRW was delegated by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia to take responsibility for and manage the cluster to promote innovations and growth and to secure the settlement of new companies in EnergyRegion.NRW. 3,300 companies and institutions have joined the state's energy economy cluster. Three quarters of the companies involved are small and medium-sized enterprises. 64 universities, 107 institutes and 94 associations are members. 5,200 individuals participate in the cluster's working groups and networks. 30,000 individuals regularly receive information on the cluster's work.
The cluster's work concentrates on eight areas of the energy economy for which outstanding growth opportunities in the future are forecast. That is why there are eight networks within the

Energy Economy Cluster focusing on:
photovoltaics, power plant engineering, the topic of fuel cells and hydrogen, biomass, future fuels and drives, the topic of energy-efficient and solar construction, geothermics and wind power.

In view of the heterogeneous nature of the various topic areas, the networks are at differing stages of development. One of the tasks of the cluster manager and the individual network managers is to organise the networks even more efficiently, to introduce uniform quality standards for all networks and to amalgamate all activities under the new brand name EnergyRegion.NRW. With the new set-up it will also be easier to network with clusters in other federal states and to collaborate in cross-innovations.

Further information:
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Cluster Manager of EnergyRegion.NRW:
Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann

Press Officer of EnergyRegion.NRW:
Uwe H. Burghardt M.A.
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