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As the world’s leading designer and builder of innovative lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular production plants, Zeton helps its customers bring their new technology and processes to market, faster, with less risk and lower cost.

Zeton serves the following process industries worldwide:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Polymers
  • Chemicals
  • Gas to Liquids/Synfuels
  • Alternative Energy
  • Bioenergy and Biofuels
  • Pharma/Biotech
  • Mining/Hydromet
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Process Intensification and other industries (e.g. Nuclear)

By working hard to understand specific customer requirements, Zeton strives to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our unique solutions at the laboratory, pilot plant and demonstration plant scale provide exceptional value in the most challenging process development niches. From innovation through early market development, our unparalleled know-how in the scale-up of process technology consistently reduces time to market for our customers and helps shorten the path to process and technology commercialization.

Zeton’s engineering strength, capabilities and experience related to lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants, and small modular production plants are one of the keys to our delivering successful projects. Zeton’s engineering capabilities include multi-disciplined process, project, mechanical, control and electrical engineers.

We build flexibility into the delivery of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plant, and modular process plants to ensure alignment of our process with the needs and requirements of our customers. To deliver successful projects, we apply our skill and expertise in engineering, procurement, and modular fabrication together with our specialist knowledge of process and project engineering on the small to medium scale. The result: Zeton’s customers Realize The Future of their process technologies - faster, with less risk and lower cost.



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