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BSE is one of the leading experts in business development for power-to-methanol applications. Over the past years, the energy sector has been shifting more and more toward renewable fluctuating energy supply. The structure and participants in the energy sector will change fundamentally.

BSE has evaluated different applications in various industrial environments. For maximum flexibility, we developed the methanol process according to the market conditions of power. We are convinced that small-scale methanol plants will be the sustainable bridge in the transition of the energy system with a technique that is already available on an industrial scale. The first wave of industrial plants build is expected in 2018.

That is why companies with foresight trust BSE as a professional partner to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of power-to-methanol plants. BSE is also a significant driver of catalysts improvements and the methanol conversion process for a fluctuating plant operation. Our team consists of legal, economic experts and technical engineers, offering clients a holistic service portfolio from an independent partner who provides benefits from a strong network in a future market. BSE offers engineering, licensing and construction services for plants up to 100 ktpy of renewable methanol together with reliable specialised partners.


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