Booth No.16: Sunfire (DE)

Sunfire is a developer and manufacturer of clean, efficient solutions in the fields of off-grid power and heat generation, industrial gases and fuels production and energy storage. The Dresden-based firm's vision is to make clean energy available wherever and whenever it is needed. By realizing that vision Sunfire also aims to bridge the gap between the energy, mobility and gas and heat supply sectors.

The firm's fuel cells (SOFC technology) facilitate the highly efficient generation of power and heat according to the principle of cogeneration. This sees electric power and heat generated on-demand at the point of consumption - with decentralized cogeneration at the lower end of the output scale therefore regarded as the energy concept of the future. Electrolysis (SOEC technology) efficiently splits steam into hydrogen and oxygen. These molecules, efficiently produced, can be used in refineries, the H2 mobility or industrial sectors. By adding carbon dioxide, high quality hydrocarbons can be produced using the Power-to-Liquids process. Sunfire's SOFC and SOEC technology is driven by a heart of ceramics, glass and steel - the Solid Oxide Power Core - which is also the basis for systems that combine fuel cell and electrolysis functionality in a single solution (RSOC technology).

Sunfire is supported by business angels (the Sunfire Entrepreneurs' Club), INVEN Capital, the ERP Startfonds at KfW, TOTAL Energy Ventures and Electranova Capital (a venture capital fund financed by EDF and Allianz). Sunfire's customers include Air Liquide, Audi, Boeing, ThyssenKrupp, Total and Vaillant. Today, Sunfire employs nearly 100 employees.
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sunfire GmbH
Gasanstaltstraße 2
01237 Dresden
Phone +49 351 89 67 97 - 908