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Info: The Future of Chemicals & Fuels: CO2 and Renewables – 8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers


The use of CO2 for chemicals and fuels as being the broadest and the most interesting area of CO2 utilisation has not only shown technology diversification but with it an expansion of product portfolios.

Long established techniques as Fischer-Tropsch processes for CO2 conversion are now supported by electrochemistry for CO2 reduction to e.g. methanol. Besides, these fuels can also be used as platform chemicals for the chemical industry. Regarding the future demand for alternative protein sources biotechnological CO2 conversion to single cell proteins is a promising solution. Get insights into these technologies and products, learn about the latest developments and discuss with the leading experts in this field:  Session on Chemicals & Fuels

  Reza Ranjbar
Centre for Process Innovation (UK)
CO2 to Food: Solve the Global Challenges of Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide and Food Shortage by Converting CO2 to Single Cell Proteins in Gas Fermentations
Christoph Gatzen
Frontier Economics (UK/DE)
e-Fuels – The Missing Building Block for the Change to Future Mobility - Abstract
Nicholas Flanders
Opus-12 (US)
CO2 Electrochemical Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels
Tore Sylvester Jeppesen
Haldor Topsoe (SE)
How to Utilise Carbon Dioxide to Enable Electrification of Fuels and Chemicals

Kai Hortmann
Total (FR)

Jens Baumgartner
Sunfire (DE)

The e-CO2MET Project: From Renewable Electric Energy to Methanol

Christian Schweitzer
bse engineering (DE)

Florent Baudu
McPhy France (FR)

CO2 to Methanol
Frédéric Chandezon
SUN-ERGY project (FR)
SUN-ERGY: A Large Scale Initiative on Fossil-free Fuels & Chemicals for a Circular Economy

Martin Roeb

Manuel Romero
IMDEA Energia (ES)

Solar Towers For Fuel Production from CO2 and Water


Almost 100 participants are already registered – 200 leading international experts in CO2 utilisation and 20 exhibitors are expected to attend the “8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers" , 24-25 March 2020, in Cologne, Germany.

Don’t miss the new expert highlight one day prior to the conference: the „1st European Summit on CO2-based Aviation Fuels“. Combined tickets for both events are available here.

Our special thanks go to our conference sponsors, conference partners and media partners!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference.

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