GIG Karasek is a globally acting Austrian supplier of high-quality industrial plants for thermal separation and environmental technologies. We focus on the design and manufacturing of falling-film, thin-film-, short-path-, distillation and drying technology as well as on systems for CO2 valorization and waste heat utilization.

As we move toward an economy that no longer uses fossil fuel sources, GIG Karasek has made it its mission to support global efforts to capture and utilize CO2. We focus on innovative processes for CO2 utilization and are a pioneer in the field of electrochemical conversion technology.

GIG Karasek developed the high-quality electrochemical recycling unit “ECO2CELL” to convert captured carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and fuels. ECO2CELL uses CO2, water, and electricity in an electrocatalytic process to produce single and multiple carbon compounds, such as formic acid, ethylene, synthesis gas, methanol, etc.

The technology is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, but especially for carbon-intensive industries like the cement, biogas, steel, or petrochemical industries.

Imagine a sustainable circular economy where CO2 emissions are not only reduced but converted into valuable products.

Carbon dioxide – from problem to opportunity!